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The people behind MASE:

6 hands together, on below other representing the union
Marthese Mugliette picture

Marthese Mugliette

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Venera Micallef

The Malta Association of Supported Employment (MASE) is a voluntary non governmental organisation enrolled with the VO – VO/ 1159. It was established by the Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability (MFOPD) in April 2014 to focus on Supported Employment.

MASE is a national entity incorporating other NGOs which work with vulnerable persons in their respective niche areas.

MASE represents Malta at EU level. It is the Malta Representative at the European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE), being the European mother organisation regulating supported employment throughout the continent. Supported Employment is for all vulnerable groups which are various – prisoners, domestic violence, drug abusers, irregular immigrants, persons with disability etc and thus the large spectrum of needs and implementation.

The know how has been brought to us by EUSE, exactly by the then President of EUSE with whom MASE is still in contact. One might say he is our mentor as we always turn to him for guidance and suggestions. Weren’t it for this affiliation, MASE would not be in a position to monitor Supported Employment services here in Malta. This does not mean that SE in Malta is being done as it should be. With our affiliation, Malta is now listed as one of the countries having Supported Employment and thus surveys are sent to us for Malta’s situation to be taken into account at par with other EU countries. Reporting with regards is occasionally being asked for at EU level and this due to our affiliation with EUSE. This affiliation is a must if Malta needs to move forward and at par with other EU countries vis-à-vis Supported Employment.

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